The launch of the CRAVE truck…a family affair!

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After a long time of anticipation and dreaming about the Crave truck, we finally officially took it on the road this past weekend with the Glencoe Grand Prix bike race festival!

It was a hot, sunny day…perfect Crave weather. But there were plenty of glitches as we mapped out the day. We faced some team worker cancellations, freezer space issues, signage errors, and more…the normal challenges we have to overcome on the entrepreneurial path. It’s a given that things will break down…and it’s a learning to take a deep breath in the middle of the chaos and explore the ways to fix it. So we moved through each glitch, finding different solutions to the many issues that came up.

What surprised me the most is how the day evolved. I was driving back and forth from the event to take our middle daughter Dani  (age 11) to/from dance rehearsal. The first time I arrived at the event, our oldest daughter, Sonia (age 14) was manning the truck with two friends. They were handing out the bars and collecting the money. As I heard her promoting the bar, and sharing about its features, I felt very happy and proud to have her a part of our Crave adventures. In the pretzel business, our kids were too young to work. And while they had fun twisting and eating our pretzels, they could not be part of the team effort. So it was a great feeling to see her in action.

Then a few hours later I returned to the event, and our youngest, son Aiden (age 9) was leading the way with his cousin Evan. Aiden ended up working 6 hours, greeting each customer, handing out the bars (cousin Evan would retrieve from the freezer), and collecting the cash.  It was so awesome to see Aiden move through the experience as well ….as he interacted with the customers, managed the money, and led the way. He had a huge smile on his face. He had a blast, and felt accomplished in learning the ropes of running the ice cream truck.

The Crave truck ended up being a huge hit at the event, and we sold out of the bars later in the day. We all had a lot of fun as we shared our new inspired salty sweet treats with the attendees. It was an amazing start to the Crave truck’s fun summer ahead.

In this season of graduations and end of school year, I feel very reflective on the passing of time and the growth of our kids. And as I crashed into bed after that long day, I felt huge joy thinking about our kids diving into this salty sweet adventure with us.